Never Forgive Never Forget

The Dear Hunter

Man, you've got a cold dark heart,
And it burns with a guilty smoke.
You tell me 'just give in',
And 'you've got nothing to lose',
And I guess I would never know.
But I was damned from the very start and
Bound by crooked plan,
Then I was left for dead with my head to the ground and my hands behind my

Oh, you want to watch me crash?
You want to see me burn?
Just enough to fall apart, and then,
You want to see me crawl?
You need to watch me beg and lose it all.

Is it easier to take a hit than it
Is to throw the stone.
Better blood on your face;
Better blood on the ground;
Well i guess that i'll never

Cause its best not to give a shit,
And to speak in a timid tone.
Keep my tongue to my teeth;
Keep my ear to the g round and a blind eye to everyone.

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