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H-Mas Song


Twas The Night Before Hanika
And All Through The School
Everyone Was Spinning There Dradles
Even There Mouse

Man From Heaven
And Me From Hell
I Just Got Done
Baking My Dradle

Whn All Of A Sudden
I Heard A Splatter
I Stepped Ont The Rat
And Busted It's Bladder

I Went To The BathRoom
And What Did I See?!
A Dead Rat Body
Hanging From My Foot

There Was Blood All Over My Shoe
With Guts And Brains
And A Little Mouse Dick
On My Shoe Lace

That's The End Of My Hanika
Sad Wasn't It

I Didn't Even...

I Didn't See That Poor Old Mouse
Running With The Dradle
I Was Nice Enough
To Put The Dradle With It's Body

My Students Cryed For Larry
Poor Old Mouse
O Well I'll Get A Rabbit
Next Time

O Wait A Minute!
Harry Potter Is Here
Mabe He Can Help Us
With This Fucking Quere

Harry I Killed Larry
Again..I Don't Like This
Well The Kids Cry
O Well They Can Fucking Die

Larry Is Dead
He Wanted A Little Mouse Head

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