Crooked Crosses


It is a thing that hides
And bides it's time for when it's right
It lays waiting for its prepotency
Feeding on affliction, reduce devour, it's re-begun
The seeds of fear grow the needles of desperation

He'll scream the words of madness to consume you
And free the hydra of your nagging bigotries
The dark angel who's armies are waking
Wholly they've chosen to hate
He'll bring us down to our knees

You see its shadow crawl
There's something strange about it all
A heaviness that doesn't have a name
Mass shooting, mass trauma
You feel the fingers tighten under your jaw
The circus continues just the same

He'll scream the chords of wrath and of ire
And bleed the oils of a poisoned industry
The war bringer his armies are waiting
Corrupted we stand frozen, he'll bring the world to its knees

Bombing and gassing raping and looting
The tools of his trade stabbing and shooting
The pendulum swings and the time is suspending
A window is closing the cycle not ending

We've seen its face before, the world engulfed in total war
Its time may have come once again
The catalyst of hate arrives prepared to wage a genocide
How many of you will join his campaign?

He'll preach from verses and promise all salvation
He'll swear that providence is a vision he has seen
He'll use your deepest beliefs to uproot you
Crooked are his crosses
And he'll bring you down to your knees

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