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Machine Dream


You live this fuckin' rat race
You think it gets you some place
You're sold a bill of goods and taken in
Perfections calling but you can't repay
Your reflections appalling so harder you try

You sit and puff that stogie
That's your third cup of coffee
But still you count those calories
You can't win

TV's the crime
Training your mind
No pain, no gain
The pounds you retain

Machine dream
Machine dream believe
Machine dream
Machine dream believe

The pressure that you're feeling
More corporate wheeling, dealing
Eat this, buy that, you fat rat
Be perfect too!

The image is perfections
The difference is what's inside
The shell is all that matters
All the toys that you buy

You're catching up with them
But the Joneses always win
Simple human race
All value placed on face,
Push, work, sweat, one more try
Give it up!

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