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Black And White


Take a look at the big picture now
See if you see what I see
Homeless and starving right in our streets
That's where attention should be
The tv and media keep pushin' this shit in our face
Televised coverage of civilized hatred disgraced
Stereotype, it's the same hype, you've heard it all before
We're all victims of the system
I'll say no more!

Black and white

Martin Luther was a man with a dream
Solutions for all creeds
White bigots like Sharpton act and pretend
That's how the white racists feed
The new KKK and the young nazis say it's too late
A new generation of racists wanting to hate
Divide and conquer power mongers that's the way it's done
To pit each other against his brother
We're all God's sons!

Black and white

Have you retained one thing that you've heard
Or is it all over your head?
Tension is rising dividing the state
Inhaling lies you are fed
These talk shows are booming where nothing constructive gets done
Lashing out insults tell me now what's to be won?
Politicians, word magicians they've got us fighting ourselves
Simple logic with hands in our pockets
We're all for sale!

Black and white

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