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Door To Hell


On behalf of the unnamed soldiers
Dies for their country in some far-away place
Some returned expecting glory
Baby killers got spit upon their face

With napalm, we're villains, we're burning the children
To death, Obsessed

Put there by liars, the money messiahs, decay, obey
Shoot, kill, good will, God is on our side
Don't ask your task, do what you must do

Your door to Hell, Hell, your door to Hell

Open season for the fascists
To test their toys out
On this frail human race
Some burned the flag
And denied them
While others marched off
To save a nation's face

Hiding in the trenches
Their lungs filled with stenches
Of death, Obsessed
Most who enlisted
No longer existed
Slain in vain
Shoot kill good will
Christian soldiers
Don't ask your task
Do as you're told

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