Come with me lonely traveller
take my hand don't be afraid
let me show you these fantastic lands
you only cross in your dreams

Listen to the warm breath
of my majestic black dragon
flying under the moonlight
now open your eyes we're touching the stars

From high mountains of mighty dwarves
to mystic forest of valiant elves
across wild deserts and crystal seas
i gonna bring you there

Are you ready to meet holy creatures ?
Are you prepared to fight beastly orcs ?
welcome and take care of this magic world
cause the legend begins now

Refrain :
Strange shadows take shape on
the walls of the ancient crypt
in this place burn the origins
of the conspiracy

Wise elves , humans and dwarves
decided to make one to face their ennemies
so they created the three kingdoms gathering
time has come now where they'll join again

In the human king phagus castle
advisors rise into the hall
merry and exciting they scream
"gold has been found in the seven mines !"


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