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In my life I can see
So many things tomorrow could bring
So many dreams tomorrow could dream
In my heart, I don't know
Where this path will lead me
But I know I'm letting go
I'm tired, I'm tired of running alone
I'm tired, I'm tired of running alone

I give You everything, my heart,
my hope, my dreams
I lay them all on the floor
And when I lay them down
You give me Your crown of love
that I've been waiting for

I have been waiting for
A peace and love that walks with me
Lead me beyond what's unseen
I have been longing for
The truth to lead me to You, my love
I'm tired, I'm tired of running alone
But I know, I know I'm never alone.

I've been waiting for You
I've been longing for love
You're everything to me

"In surrendering your life to God, you'll find greater rewards in life. If
you give everything to the Lord and lay everything on the floor, in return
God can fully fulfill the deep longings and needs that you have. There
are heavenly blessings and rewards for surrendering to the Lord, and
how sweet is that?" Natalie & Phillip

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Written by: Bryan Asher Willard / Natalie LaRue / Phillip LaRue. Isn't this right? Let us know.