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I believe that there's more to life that what I see/ And I believe that I can still fly with my broken wings/ I believe that this picturesque beauty will fade way/ With His help I will gather my faith so one day I will fly
Chorus: Well this I feel and this I know That there's a God who made us all/ And on His throne He reigns on high/ And waits for us until we fly, fly away
I've been searching for a love divine to
fill this open space/ I've been yearning for a peace of mind I
can only find through faith/ My head's been spinning round
To find some kind of ground/ But through this Savior I'm
found/ Chorus Fly/ Fly

Explanation: This is truly a song about faith. As we have grown older and tried to deepen
our spiritual knowledge this past year, we have discovered that it all comes down to the
simplicity of a radical devotion to Christ. While we might not know it all, we do know that
Jesus is the only way to salvation, and that this simple fact is enough to carry us through.

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