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Near To Me


I close my eyes to take it in/ You've found me/ I breath Your mercy once again
You are so holy/ I long to know you Like You know me
Chorus: It's Your love that makes me alive/ It's Your love that makes me alive/ And I feel/ And I feel it everytime you're near to me/ You make my heart sing/ You're near to me/ You are my everything
I sing to You, I bring to You/ All of me that You see/ I'm letting go all my fears so

Explanation: When I think about this song, I think of one my most intimate times with God.
I imagine asking God to move in a way we have never seen. To be in the presence of the
Father and to feel Him is the most amazing thing. I think this song really describes as best
we could, the emotions of that time of feeling God's love so intense, that it overwhelms you.

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Written by: Natalie LaRue / Phillip LaRue. Isn't this right? Let us know.