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Brianna's Song


I watched you grow to be so bold/ To wear your faith/ Have it shine through your face Chorus: I see you as lovely that none can compare/ And I see you as dancing although you cannot stand
And you have shown me how to know Him
and trust Him/ You gave me a fire want to feel life and embrace life/ And to give life as though it were not your own/ And
there's nobody else who has shown me myself Chorus
And I hear you you're singing your passion I'm feeling/ It makes me it breaks me I long to sing like you

Explanation: This is dedicated to our beloved sister Bree, who is our sister who is
handicapped with cerebral palsy. She is one of the most dedicated people to the Lord I have known. Her confidence in who she is, and her satisfaction with who God created in her
to be is apparent in all that she does. She has made Phil and I look at this world with totally
different eyes. Bree is one of the most influential people in my life spiritually, and Phil and I will always look up to her.

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