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I Can't Sing


I'm tired but I can't sleep/ 'Cause when awake I'm daydreaming/ About your lovely face/ Just in case you haven't noticed/ I'm not over you Chorus: And I can't sing when you're away baby/ I can't sing when you're away baby
We talked the other day/ It's funny you didn't have much to say/ "Please leave a message after the beep"/ I didn't have much choice/ I had to hear your voice
Some might call it desperate/ Some might call it crazy/ I just long to be with you/ There San Clemente/ I'm not over you

Explanation: This is a really great song. Our 9-year-old cousin helped us write the chorus. We
never knew the record label would like it so much! It is basically a dedication to our true home, California. All our family is out there, along with the ocean. We miss it madly!

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Written by: Natalie LaRue / Phillip LaRue. Isn't this right? Let us know.