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One White Tulip


I was just thinking about how time flies/ And that we're all drifting like clouds in the sky/ And you have always been there/ And now we all have changed/ And its been one beautiful life
I was just wondering on how to recall
The wonderful memories and how they all fall/ into place, like the smile on your face/ Like the kisses and the tears that we've shared/ And its been
Chorus: It's been one beautiful life/ And I know it's tasted its trials/ And it's not over/ It's only begun
We've always been different/ But never alone/ Like one white tulip/ That stands on its own/ And you will always be here/ And we will stay the same

Explanation: This is a song for our family. They are our support, partners, closest friends, accountability and so much more. Through the good times and the bad, we have all grown so close. And though things will change, our love for them will only increase.

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Written by: Natalie LaRue / Phillip LaRue. Isn't this right? Let us know.