Collect My Stripez

MC Eiht

(don't fuck around...)
In the mutherfuckin house
To the 9 to the 6
Compton in this bitch, uh
And we in this muthafucka lookin' too greedy
This goin' out to all the hub city players baby
Check it out

Gang way cause I'm nuthin but a killer
A nigga that kill, that's real
Eiht gon' steal to your
Mutherfuckin jaw
Fuck the southpaw
We go knuckle to knuckle, i'ma watch your ass buckle (geah)
It seems that you talk much trash but i'ma be like rockets
Hard to dump on that ass (pop pop pop)
Niggas lookin' faulty, you done fucked yourself this time
With the notorious 1-59
You goin be feelin kinda nervous when we pass you
Your ride full of holes when we blast you
Got no muthafuckin stripes at all
Go toe to toe with the m.a. and they gon' fall sucker
Better duck ah, i'ma buck ya
Serve you like a clucker, punk muthafucka
You can't hang with the greatest heavy weights
Niggas on the run, lil hawk & bird, da foe and eiht
So fool get your flip on, you're trip on
Better skip on
Before I get my clip on
Geah, bitch, right
And I'm just tryin' to collect my stripes

(don't fuck around...)
Eihthype in the house nigga
Young prod in the house nigga
Westside in the house

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Written by: A. Patterson / A. Tyler / Andrew Patterson / Tomie Mundy. Isn't this right? Let us know.