Welcome To Los Santos (Freddie Gibbs feat. Kokane)

MC Eiht

Welcome to Los Santos
Where it's easy to catch a case
One times patrol with a pic of ya face
Fo' deep in the Lac, that's jack mode
Unaware of the set-neutral dress code
Drive-bys tryna pull grand theft
Bandanas on the antennas, neighborhood deaf
Rats fucking niggas for ends, bitch please
Easily friends turn into enemies
Tryna check a couple dollars but it ain't long
Jealousy in shots if the weight wrong
Stay strong, die well
Growing up in the hood's no fairytale
It's Mad City and can't y'all tell
Welcome to the city where it's dead or jail
Steady eating good, we pull licks
Staying deep like OGs in jail pics
Gyeah, welcome to the land
Welcome to the land
Welcome to the land
Straps, a couple birds in ya hand

Welcome to Los Santos
Welcome to Los Santos
Welcome to Los Santos
Welcome to Los Santos

Yea, where it's easy to get some weight
Hop in the stolen whip and I'll take you straight to the place
That grand theft and robbery mask draped on my face
A cold bastard, closed casket seal my fate
For this almighty dollar dollar
When we dealing what we do you know we do it proper
And all these doctors and psychiatrists can't save me, I'm crazy
Everyday these Los Santos streets gon' pay me
It feel good don't it?
Kush smoke and west coastin' on every hood corner
I drop the top at the beach
Heard it's fun in paradise, yo that's the word on the street
Don't let these palm trees and bitches get you swept off yo feet
I'm staying blazed in these sun rays
Evil seeds getting paid, cradle to the grave
You can try it if you want, it ain't a thing sweet
The weather's fine but it's cold on these rough ass streets of Los Santos
Welcome to the land
Welcome to the land
Put a bird in ya hand
Welcome to Los Santos

Don't get fooled by the palm trees
Fly ass bitches and bomb ass weed
It's real over here on these cold streets
Triple OGs stay about that cheese
Los Santos
We be doing the most

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