We can take it to the streets with the crips and the bloods
These real cpt g's please show no love
In this bitch
Somebody told me
Mc eiht is back with that thug shit
Check it out

My mindstate too late it's been gone
Tryina take me out of the hood you're dead wrong
I hustle all day to the fuckin break of dawn
Sendin niggas' bodies to hell like sadam
Appetite for destruction corruption
To the highest degree my gat steady dumpin
Always into something you heard of me
Killer for reala my nigga another tragedy
Pops in the clip and slips the automatic
Anybody killer I gat it stay tatted
Fucks them high class I like em hoodratted
When the shells slide they panic
Nigga straight static
Catastrophe caught in monopoly you copy
Defy you mock me you're gettin sloppy
I rolls through goes through such and such
The angel of death meets you time to touch
Mind of a lunatic quick to handle
Sackin muthafuckas like I was john randall
I blows out your spot like a candle
I fucks you up muthafucka like I was rambo

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