In the house for the 94 shot
Eihthype in the house, uh
Half ounce in the house
Compton bomb, compton bomb
West side nigga
You know what's happenin'

Get ready for the funky ass shit
>from the muthafucka that just don't quit
Guarantee the rag top the trunks on the bitches
Makin' niggas lock up they low-rider switches uh
Step aside as I bail on my ride
Too close on my jock get bucked with the glock
The whole world turns as I bail in the room
Niggas prepare to get slapped with the boom
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Got more sacks than my man richard d
Can't get it nowhere for the west fool
Fuck around with the stress and that ain't cool
You can't handle my shit when it's smokin'
One mo' big ass hittin' and start choking
You can't handle this son so pass it quick
Damn I'm starting to see your mind playing tricks
Geah homie say it's much, too much
Just say you can't touch
The compton bomb

Compton bomb, the compton bomb...

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