Check it out
C'mon, c'mon, hey
C'mon, uh
I said c'mon, hey
(half ounce in the house)
We're smooth on the west side
(check it out)
Nigga hoes back in the house
(check it out)

Who's got paper?
But I shoot boxes
Plenty of cash to straight floss from the gate
You ain't seem grabs this green
Plenty of cream kingpins unsolved the scheme
I got my eyes on you
Geah, you want to ? ? ? down from here to shoot
Got a crew
But you stand out
Miss thing wish I have x-rated vision to peep the g-strings
You know what I mean
Keeps the shit real live
Benz 'round town in a 3-25
Cheques in your coat and float to the arena
? ? ? taps me on the shoulder, tony have you seen her?
Let my gators through the snappin'
Crystal sippin', drops along, geah baby what's happenin?
Hear me, see me
I could, uh, be your geenie, any wish comes true
Be my boo

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