Geah (check it out)
In the muthafuckin' house (geah)
For the paper
Mr tony back in the house regulate y'know I'm sayin'
Half ounce hoodlums in the house

Deadly decisions is what I'm bringin'
Be's the problem solver when my revolver starts singin'
A thin line between life and death you're stuck
When my mind turns corrupt so I'm mentally fucked
I be bringin' the pain like meth
Inject the meth in your vain you're seeing thangs insane
Hollow points start to spit
Regulate your block no bullshit
Bust a u-turn the tyres burn rubber g
Retaliation of the robberies after me
No aftermath
Instead the bloodbath keep steerin' the b.g.'s on the west path
Chest blast
Buckshots touch yo' whole side
N 2 deep no sleep when we ride claim that west gang
Always the side of ridahs
Gang of arms out the windows is if we responds
Homicides: points chalked up for the victory
Y'all know it's compton 4 life, ain't no killin' me

Chorus: (x2)

For years we've been accustomed to serves the fiends
On the streets keeps the works stuffed away in jeans
Bitches and niggas do damnest things
Buck buck for the paper by any meanz...

I needs cheese no bullshit you better know it
If it's a contest to be the greediest i'ma show it
It's all for the scrilla
Divine, cristal, no wine, top biller
Seven digits is the destiny
Don't let the feds, the clock-heads get the best of me
You know who got it, heavyweight
No sacks premium shit
Bitches beg mr. tony: you just don't quit!
Cash flows to make fat flips since '86
Where the cash connects western union through mix
Hoes got the pick up straight back and no stoppin'
And watch out for the bird
Cause they just might got the word
Who runs to west side got the bitches on deck
Check it, for 20's and 50's they gettin' naked
Y'all knows the deal it's complication nines I tote
On a mission, premonition, money flips to coke

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