It's been two years since I last wrote
Not since the day we first stepped off the boat
At a place called New York, Late in the spring
The start of the ending of everything

Sold my father's gold watch, caught a train headed west
With the promise our destiny was manifest
Just we two going through territory unknown
But it was better than being alone

The land was ours, sort of felt odd
Breaking our backs while we were breaking the sod
And the summer was bad, winter was worse
Building our dreams but pneumonia struck first

In her bed, near to death, she looked radiant still
"Don't cry for me boy, for you know it's God's will.
Just hold now my hand, let me look in your eyes,
You're the last thing I'll see as I die."

So I buried my heart with her in the ground
And what I have lost can never be found
Bottle in hand I'm spiraling down
Loraine come back to me, Loraine come back to me
Loraine I am broken, I pray that you'll come back to me

Hope this finds you well, it's spring once again
The birds have returned and the crops are all in
And the shadow has passed, but the fire remains
I know that I live cuz I still feel the pain

A young apple tree burst into bloom just today
On the spot where my lover lies resting away
And it makes me feel week and makes me feel strong
And I know my Loraine still lives on

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