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Blaze Of Glory

Titan Force

Silence explodes from your turbine roar
As we take to the air with vengence in our soul
Higher and higher, still higher we climb
Piercing a hole through the enemy lines
Flying undetected as if they didn't know
Bomb bays open destroying everything below
Laughing at death as weapons spit their flames
Am I in hell? Or am insane?
In a blaze of glory
We rule the night
Revenge is ours
Victory is in sight
In a blaze of glory
The enemy falls
The time I now
You must decide
Go down in flames
Or go up in a blaze of glory
Another victim burns on his way to history
I don't blink an eye it was either him or me
She's shown me the heavens and I have shown her hell
Scramble in formation for another swift attack
Once you're in the pocket there is no way back
Speed and concentration caught within my grip
Pulling on the trigger as the sweat runs from my lip
There's one more left yes we are all alone
Though riddled with bullets I must push on
He moves into position, hot on my tail
Lining up the spot to send me to hell
I've still one more trick hidden up my sleeve
My cockpit revolves and bullets leave
Flames of disgrace are what I see
As I blaze into the sun on wings of victory!

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