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Master Of Disguise

Titan Force

I am the eyes of nightmare
If you gaze into the darkness
I'll be there
Go ahead and place your heart
In my hand
Take what I need
And leave you in despair
Though you turn your eyes
You can't look away
You'll be chained to love
Just like a slave
I'm the master of disguise
Painting a beautiful picture
Full of lies
I'm the master, master of disguise
I can steal your heart
Look into my eyes
I'm the master
The master of disguise
Come feel the flames of desire
Taking you down I get my way
I see some things are hard to swallow
A scratch and a scream
Comes no surprise
It must be hard to see
Behind my eyes
I say my love is true
It's full of lies
Passion's flame burns
For the last time tonight
So spread your angel wings
We can fly

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