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Fool On The Run

Titan Force

Soldiers of fortune
Seeking revenge on the mishaps in life
Beating the odds as the dice roll
The night it their playground
Feeding desires by tempting their souls
As the color of green fades to grey
Place your bets on lifes wheel
Give it a spin
Don't play the fool
Don't play the fool
Fool on the run
Soldiers of passion
Searching to satisfy more than the mind
One night of pleasure turns into pain
Hearts are too fragile
An easily scarred like diamonds on glass
Love is a gamble someone has to pay
Living life in half the time
Allways on the edge
Your moving faster than the rest
Are you getting anywhere?
Oh my child with a heart of gold
What's that inside you?
Has the world turned you cold?
Do you see the magic?
I see joy felt the pain
Running nowhere, into the fire again
Reach out and take life
Before it slips away
It's that devil inside you
Slowly making you pay for your dreams
Making you look like a fool on the run
What are you running for
You fool!
Soldiers of liberty
You know it all when will you learn?
Freedom is only a conflict away
This world you desire
It's magic is their open your eyes
Don't confuse your dreams
With what is real, no

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