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Lord Desire

Titan Force

On the edge of a silent scream
Somewhere in your thoughts
(I play my game)
A jester in your court of pleasure
Where love is pain
I laugh as you writhe controlled
Your the tiger I'm the chain
Diving deep in the pool of ecstasy
Swim with me once again
Giving more as you receive
Till your cup runneth over
Speak the word and you'll
Never leave me
Heartbeats race with ravenous fury
As the tide whirlpool of fantasy
Close your eyes and the world starts to spin
Entwined together moving as one
A motion that is easily swayed
With a whimper and a shattering scream
Another wound bleeds from my blade
Lord of desire
Start the fire and dance in it's flame
Lord of desire
Taste of blood on my tongue
As I bleed once again to partake of you
A sweet venom that burns on my tungue
Kneel before the lord of desire
All too innocent you fall...
In my spell of desire

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