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Chase Your Dreams

Titan Force

Somewhere in your mind
Somewhere deep down
Inside of yourself
There is a rage
For something better
(Something new)
All of your dreams
All of your anticipations
They cause a drive
To make us stronger
(Keep it alive)
Chase your thoughts
Chase your dreams
Into the night
Chase your thoughts
Chase your dreams
Keep it alive
Our time is now
Take hold of the lighting
Ride to the stars
Break free of the shell
That has you imprisoned
(Escape to night)
Come taste with me
All of the fruits
That life has is store
Someday we all will learn
To give our love once more
For your heart
For your soul
Never give in
Chase your dreams!
Oh can't you see
It's just outside
Of your grasp
You've got to reach out
With both hands
Grab that tiger by the tail!

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