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Toll Of Pain

Titan Force

On a dark summer night there is something in the air
A chill that surrounds you
Tolling of a bell screaming in the night (hear it ring)
Struggle with your feelings so much hidden by the past
Now those dreams they come back to haunt you
Tolling of a bell still rings
Gaze into the mirror, it's not a pretty sight
Grotesquely twisted as a child, I am not a monster
I am not insane, look away, look away, oh look away
Can't you see his pain?
I know you hear the pain
In the tolling of the bell
Can't you feel his pain?
I know you hear the pain
Hatred in their eyes, they lash me with their whips
And their words, both leave scars on my heart
Pity on my soul, won't someone show some sympathy for me?
A vision of my dreams, a vision of an angel
So young, so innocent, so pure
Never felt this way, how can I express this love?
Tis a fatal story, yes a tragic love affair
How he gave himself so bravely on that day
Tell me why pleasure must be followed by pain
So much pain
Haunted by their dreams of a thing so pure
Now defiled by their foolish, selfish ways
Tolling of a bell contains a fatal toll
Oh my soul!

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