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WIR NJN8 / In God


Repent for your sins
And pray for your life here and after
Let the fight now begin
It's in you all let flow and please send you cash in

You should have known
I need your money to fight the good fight
The seed is sown
There will be no light without the cash you got it right!

Let's join together and bask in the splendor
Of far better things
My high tech mercedes, my built in jacuzzi
My tenth diamond right
We are alone in this world
No divine force to say
Who lives and who will die

In God - in God we're trusting
In God - our lives we're investing
In God - our debt has been paid,
Still we are all laid to rest

Now brothers and sisters
I know what you're thinking believe me
It seems I have fallen
It was a phase I had strayed but
I'm back with God now

You should have seen
Right through these words
Of deceit and false promises
A pack of thieves
Ready to rip off your need to believe

Turn up the sound on your tv
And you'll see what a fool really is
This pompous whale screaming and preaching
Then kneeling he goes into tears
Wolves in sheep's clothing
They're waiting for you
Twisting your mind
So you see how they see and believe
What they believe

In God we trust!

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Written by: Johann Sebastian Bach / Josh Christian. Isn't this right? Let us know.