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How You Living


Yo, young one this is for Trin-i-tee, Natalie, flip, what?

How you walking, what going through your mind? How
You living, stop wasting all your time Please now hurry don't you wait life is
Short mabe to late Walk with him
And you will see you will live eternally

Baby Baby, Momma, Daddy, Sister, Brother Everybody...
Should depend upon each other In a world that's so
Cold, when you need somebody's hand to hold just know
That God has full control

I can't believe it, yhat "I had a life worth living, now that you told me, I can
See it all so clearly,
Now I can make it!11 Not afraid to face it, it's
Truth or dare, cause
I don't care no...

I don't care what the devil says to me
He don't have a hold on me
I don't care if the world seems to be right,
Prepared to fight I got one life Never gonna
Give up never give in Yeah I messed up
Once but not agian Now bob your head if
You believe in what I say... tell me how
You're walking

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