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Have you ever had a day that was so bad
It took everything you had to make it through the night
Have you ever had a week that brought you to your knees
It made it hard to pray - but you did anyway

Holla - does anybody hear me
Holla - I wonder can you feel me
You must be tried in the fire before gold
Holla - had anybody had to cry
Holla - Do you really want to testify
Is that fire burning down in your soul

Hop, skip, jump do whatever you do
Never let life get the best of you
To all of y'all with your back up on the wall
Get that left step right when you do your move
Let your body feel this boom
Shabach aika laga la ga boom

Let everything that hath breat get a praise in
Like Psalms 150:6
Have you ever totally let yourself be free
To the One who gave you life abundantly

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