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Ooo It's a highway
Um...It's a highway to heaven
None can walk up there no no none but the pure in heart
It's a highway Oh oh
It's an up hill journey
But im walkin im walkin up the kings Oh
And im walkin up the kings Oh yeah yeah
Im walkin up the kings highway

You see the reason why we sing this song
Cuz we know how it is to cry all night long
And still not see the light of day
But we won't give up now no oh no
No oh no til recieve our crown
But it's a highway yeah yeah
Oh oh im walkin up the kings highway highway
Oh and im walkin walkin walkin
Im walkin and im movin movin
When it feels like ur not movin
Jus know God knows what its doin pressin pressin
Said im walkin im movin im pressin

work out
Oooo where da streets are paved wit gold yeah
oh can't wait can't wait can't wait
to go ooo ohhh highway hey
Said im walkin and im movin
and im pressin yeah highway highway come and go wit me
yeah lord highway
u can't stop me, u can't block me, God has freed me
no turning back, no turning back no im walkin
It's a tough road so keep on walkin
keep on movin, keep on pressin, keep on believin
don't u wanna go up the kings highway
he's sweet i know im walkin everyday
im walkin, talkin with Jesus, with my savior
Everyday along the way im walkin i wanna see Jesus

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