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Imagine That


Imagine that I didn't have a perfect love
And I didn't have You to trust
Imagine that
No way I could handle that
Could you imagine You not
Keeping me like You do
It's a love I'll never lose
You won't take it back
Cause I just can't imagine that

Imagine if I never would have met You
Imagine all the pain I would of been through
Imagine if I could't see that You
Were the best thing for me
Imagine me in the world alone
Imagine if I couldn't call You my own
Where in this world would I be
If Your love did not surround me

I know You are with me
Your arms wrapped around me
You always show me
That Your love is here for me
Just think how it would be
Without You there'd be no me
I can't imagine
How would it be if You never loved me

Imagine if the whole world knew You
Imagine if the whole world loved You
That would be the day that we
Would find just what true love does mean
Imagine just how things would be
If every open eye could see
It's time to advantage of
Your love that's there for all of us

It's your love that keeps me
Wanting everyone to see
The way love should be
The way it is for both of us
It's Your love that showed me
In this world there's only
One true love for me

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