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God's Grace


Verse 1:
Eerything you need,
It's right here.
All of your problems,
They sime away.
And when your down,
I'll be right there.
You can call on me cause,
I hear your pray, oh...

No other name that put's joy where there is pain...

He will do it for you but first you got to know it's by God...

It's by God's grace,
All things through Christ Jesus.
No weapon formed against me shall proper.
[Repeat 2x's]

Verse 2:
Say you got layed off,
Can't oay your bills.
Sick and can't get well,
My Jesus heals.
He'll brighten up,
Your darkest day.
Just trust in him,
And he'll make a way, anyone...

He will set you free but first you got to be a beleiver and know that it's by...


Verse 3:
Come on in before the sun goes down,
Even though the devil's got you bound.
Know you tired of going round and round,
Take the Word and knock 'em down.
If you beleive in what I say,
Open up and let him in.
Let the Lord show you his love,
A mighty, mighty conquer.


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