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Dance Like It's Sunday


I will give praise any time any day
see he's done so much for me
that i want the world to see
Hey! that it's ok
You can praise him like me
you dont have to be ashamed
you can praise him this way.

Hook: come on get out of your seat
stand up give him a little dance, say dance with me
He's done to much for you we got to give him a little praise
so here's what we gonna do
We gonna dance like its sunday. (sunday)
WE gonna praise him in a new way
Show you how to have a good time
come on get with me
it's ok everybody join the parade

Now look at me even talk about me
for the way i feel wont change hey!
cause i love to call his name
i cant's sit down cause
every time i think about everything
he's done for me (say) I cant hold my peice


Bridge: Dance with me (yeah) dont be afraid just
do it (dance with me yeah!) you need to
give it up (just move your feet yeah)
It's easy for me so if you really believe
come on... join the praise


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