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I Will Lift


Lord you took away my pain
Now i can smile again
And you made my dreams come true
I worship only you
Lord you took away my pain
And i'm so glad you came
To wash away my sins
On you my life depends
Oh oh oh

I will lift your name on high your true and living praise
The heavens and the earth we will all praise your name
Lord you didn't have to die to give your life to me
You don't even have to ask for praises unto thee
You so loved the world you gave your one begotton son
And i will love you and praise you until my life is done
I don't want to live without you in my life for now and i know i don't deserve you but i am glad you chose

Oh lord you made the sacrifice
So for you i choose to live my life
They call your name emmanual
And your story i am going to tell
You are the lord of lord
Yes you are almighty god
Lord you always speak the truth
Thats why i worship you
Oh oh oh

Oh lord i praise your name
Emmanual jihova
Alpha omega king of king
Lord of lord
Moring star
Yes you are

Jesus your my provider
I honor you mesiah
You are the precious lamb of god
Prince of piece
All i need is you are

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