12:07 to 12:23
Just [?]
Just you and me

Take me back to [?] backs
Take me back to years that passed
Take me back
Take me back

12:07 a window breeze
Weakness for pale knees
It's january
So [?] the colour of california leaves
Just thoughts from you to me
How do they feel when
They kiss concrete
How do they feel
To have to kiss me

12:16 nothing changed
I no longer play with your last name
12:17 two minutes passed
I think about love
And the way that lasts
Beside the time I've got to sleep
I wonder if ghosts still need their feet
Do you know if hearts know how to bleed?
12:20 I got what I need
Just a moment of life
Tight out in ink
I just needed a little time to think
I just needed a little time to think

But you don't need me

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