Those three words
I think that I've overused them
Maybe I've abused them
I just know that I've used them
But now they won't touch my lips
Unless they've been kissed from another

Yeah, I haven't been a boy since I lost my brother
It's more complicated than just one or two of us
There's so many things that are always happening at once
I was young and dumb and
I didn't understand the value
The value of anything at all

You were some things too
But I can't bring myself to insult you
Blame is just a fickle thing
It was the wrong place, at the wrong time
The two of us weren't meant to find
Shelter and cover inside of each other
Even if for a time we did align
That's just the way it was and
How it remains as the faces change

Sometimes I find what I needed
Sometimes I find what I wanted but
Time always seems to be playing games
At least that's what it seems to me
I didn't realize that I had changed
And that what I thought was right was wrong now

I had become what I had lost
And she was the price that it cost
Only losing, and losing
And losing, again and again
He or she may not see
But we will remember the nights
That we could not sleep

Where our hearts would be four times
Alone now for every single with them by our sides
You may smile, and you may laugh
But your eyes will never lie

And if you look hard enough
You'll find you'll find it
At least you will
At least you will with mine
You can hide behind your eyes
That's what I'm doing with mine
You can hide, you can hide
You can hide, behind your eyes
That's what I'm doing in mine

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