When it hurts
It hurts until it dosen't hurt
When she leaves
She leaves, she leaves, she leaves

And that's all I ever see
It's like I can't breathe
It's like I can't eat

Happy is what you got
Where you're at
Where you've been
And where you're not

When you visit those places
When you do those (?)
And notice they're ghosts
And you try not to say anything
It's just a constant comparison contrast
Of all those little things that never seem to last
With him there
And with there lack

Are you alone (are you alone?)
Or are you fine by the weight of this shadow?

I've seen what's missing
Have you seen?

Like the notes they wrote at the window
Can't be seen
Unless by cold or by breathing on them

But I have not breath
And see those little notes that they left for me

(I rather not)
I rather not breath
(I rather not)
I rather not see
(I rather not)
I rather not be

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