Photo of the artist Dependence

Half Awake, Half In A Dream


So much left unsaid
So much left

The spaces between
Seems to be like a that stays quiet
Remember the next day

It's always out of reach
But so close you can taste it

I'm just waiting for
To tore it open

Have the colours of back in the frame

I myself worthy
For a lack of better warnings

[I felt you here] your reflection speak to me
'Cause I focused mine on the touching on
(I felt you here) half brown half yellow half green
Half of love half awake half in our dreams

Colours were so livid
But recalls of a scene
And nothing screams perfect
Like the way it used to be

There was such a distance
Between our homes
Our hearts
And the parts of us that have been

This isn't the that I could lived in
I just hope that I learn
And come to know you as a friend
At least I can pretend that you're mine inside of my head
A part of me is trully dead

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