I remember the places and I remember the feelings we had there
I remember the touch of the breeze, and the way that it licked your hair
And I can still see the shoreline swallow the sun from behind these lines
And I can still breathe release when I drown inside your eyes
I still can't believe that you can cling this tight to a heart that looks like mine
I remember when I had given up trying, I was just so sick of lying to myself

Because nothing seems as beautiful anymore and I guess I have your promises to blame
And I never wanted to change your heart, I just wanted to change your last name
Because I remember letting go of my pride and letting you take its place
And I remember when the sun stopped shining and now I feel the rain
Because I saw beauty in a storm right before it ripped through my front door
The water destroyed everything I love, things that could never love me back
And as I watched them fade away I didn't care, because you were the thing that I lacked
And my love could not cover what you needed
But at least I could remember moments where I was what you believed in
And I made enough mistakes to learn that that mattered
Hope was the former and love was the latter of life cycles and trying to find your passion again
Whether or not you find this useful, I hope you find it sound
Because even if there's no use, I hope some day you can find your way coming back around

Because even when I'm drowning, I don't feel like I'm sinking
Because the water in my lungs feels like so much less than
So much less than when you kept me warm, you kept me warm
You kept me warm with the promise that tomorrow won't come so soon
Just don't let tomorrow, don't let tomorrow come so soon
Just don't let tomorrow come so soon, because today I love you

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