Photo of the artist Dependence

Things I Haven't Felt


I'm just the same that I’ve always been
I push out more than I take in
Than I take in
And half of what I’ve had
I’ve lost
I just want to know what did it cost?
What did you cost?

But when we’re alone in a crowded room
I only have eyes for you
I’m only seeing for you

And every breath that you take
Shakes the beat that my chest makes
It makes my walls break down

You’re finding news ways to define me
Every time that you’re smiling
I’m finding new things inside of me
Things that I, I've never seen
Things I haven't felt
Things I haven't seen
Things I haven’t been, in years

Things I haven’t felt
Things I haven’t seen
Things I haven’t been in years
Can I taste life?
Will it taste right, again?

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