Oh say you won't go, say you'll stay, just say that you are home
Will you tell me the truth, or will you hold up your walls, will they stay strong
Or will they fall? I don't think I can stand to look in your eyes
If I hold out the hands, will you take mine?
But it's not good enough, it's not worth your time
My cards aren't right, and so neither am I
And so we both know, just where we stand
I'm old enough now, I won't hold out my hands
But if you look at me, if you look real close, maybe you will see
And maybe you won't, but if I look back, pray that you don't
Because if I do, I will lose all hope
So I'll just close my eyes, and I'll sit real still
I hope that I'll be found, maybe I will
But the odds are that I won't, yeah I won't be moved
I'll be left right where you found me, and I'll just stay bruised
Say you won't go, say you'll stay
Just say that you are home
Say you won't go, just stay you'll stay, please say you'll stay
Just say that you are home
Just say that you won't go
But no

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