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Remembering Everything

Remembering Everything

De Dependence • 2016 - Álbum
  • Those Three Words
  • Can I Make You Stay?
  • It Wasn't Meant To Be
  • The Cracks Of Hands That Aren't Held By Another
  • What It Takes To Move Forward
  • I Guess That Can Be Allowed
  • You Are Everything; You Are The Only Thing
  • All I Need
  • That Was the First Day It Rained, and It Never Rains Here
  • A Place To Die
  • Remember What We've Had Here
Holding On When Moving On

Holding On When Moving On

De Dependence • 2015 - Álbum
  • Things I Haven't Felt
  • Dear Lonely
  • Never in the Cards
  • Drown (feat. Cam Smith of Hotel Books)
  • Home
  • Remnants (Of When I Felt Alive)
  • Still
  • Breaking In Halves
  • I Won't Forget You
  • Reaching to Both Ends