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Erotic Perversion


Desires hidden within the mind. Erotic perversion,
the orgasm in sight. I see the lust within your eyes!
Demonic hunger from the beast within. Eyes of madness,
the edge of sanity. Oh, I sympathise with your need for obscurity. Let me guide you to the orgasm of hypocrisy.
I rape the flesh and praise the demon's mind.
Kreator of perversion, the enemy of life. You are the key,
my trip to paradise. Deep inside I penetrate, denial of your pride. The wound is bleeding, your blood seems white.
Face a million little Hennes in this garden of delight.
You are an object of perverted lust. I own your pride,
your dignity, I am your god. Dimensions with new horizons open. Unknown desires take control of my mind. The time has come for the final pleasure. Death for you as I cum my second time. As you fall lifeless on the floor. I pray this feeling to be eternally.

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