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Incarnated Supremacy ``Munitia Part II``


The end of mortal madness. The sky soaped in blood. The remains of a life in agony. Now bounding to an infernal art. Creation of a force which is feeding of my hate. Of needs to kill the guilty, desires to derange. Eternity - the echo of life. Supremacy - I am dead and Death is I. As I'm staring to the world through the eyes of death. Their peace will be murdered and their blood will get shed. The end of mortal madness, the sky soaped in blood. The remains of a life in agony are bounding to an infernal art. I'm searching for a way to release this anger deep within. For justice, for revenge; to let 'em pay for all their sins. A quest for wisdom and powers. A request for the gods. The path towards the throne of total chaos. Reveiling the secrets of the black arts. Unbounded - incarnated divinity. Forever vengeance's mine. Eternal - reborn in twilight. Evil will return. A quest for total annihilation. And a battle which shall be wun. The prey selected - no mercy will be tolerated. Let the games begin!!! Exterminate 'em all!!! Unbounded - incarnated supremacy. Forever vengeance's mine. Immortal - reborn in twilight. Pure evil will return, for their souls must be burned. This quest of hate realising: a sight - such joy to see. The holocaust of mankind, purification it will be. "Oh Krachten der Aard - vergader, 'k spreek U aan. Vernieling en wraak - de mensheid moet vergaan". Now death will reign as the night conquers light. Never this spell will be undone for I will always to be...

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