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Scarved ``Munitia Part I``


I can sence their fear. Afraid of my existence. I do not get a chance to prove myself. To prove that I am not what they say. Inhuman I am they say. For my skills go beyond theirs. But they do not understand. They do not try and they would not give me a chance. Searching for my identity. I seek in my innermost. For they have made me doubt in myself. I hate'em for what they've done. I shall rise above their pityfull minds. Damnation of the bastards who judged me for my sight. Now that they've judged and convicted me for my skills.Now that they've condemned me 'cause they don't understand. I won't rest until they all are cursed. I shall use my powers in their most evil form. Black magic: my solution, their future lies in my hands. Death will reign eternal when I lay my spell. Yet know that I have done what they expect of me. At the stake I'll burn, forever in the purgatory. Forever... "Ablaze I stand, as one with the stake. Longing for death as I scream in pain. Mutilation... Yet these moments I must and shall remember. For I shall never look again through the witches' Eyes".

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