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Millenium Apocalypse


Awaiting... A force - piercing the sky. And a vision of the end of time. The banished once left to die. Yet it survived... The time of isolation has come to it's end. A new world opens, a new dawn now begins. Destruction of the shelter in which I layed so long. The silence now broken, the reality is wrong. I, "the stranger". Father of this time. Searching for the warmth, the love which I should find. Yet frost is given, they're denying their own child. And searching for a way to end it's mortal life. "Deny the weak and await the night. For the answer lies within the sky". You were no longer wanted within their tribe, their lives. Their minds are embracing the unlight. The search of a vision, the point of no return. On this earth you'll be slayed. Years and ages are passing, knowledge grows with time. In quest of other lifeforms. The fear for the unknown, hate will save our lives. We're not alone. The end of seperation, of denying other life. ...It's killing time... The time of isolation has come to it's end. A new dawn opens, a new world now enters. Invasion of the Eltern Ones, the extermination's near. Arrival of the Ancients... the armageddon's here. The return.

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