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Cataract Of A Dying Desire


Alone, Abandoned by all love. I do not understand.
Living under a blackened sky. Yet a bright star enters...
Two months of intense passion.
I feel our souls melting into one. Divine emotions fill my heart. This I can't believe! Looking for eterniy.
Protected by the wings of time. You are my dawn.
Everything gets a new look, life a meaning.
I worship thee, goddess of mine. Keeper of the key to my heart. Yet your disease made me wake up.
I realised I'm alone. Longing for the soul we were.
I wish a part to be! "No!" Confronted with the choice you made. My dream was broken and my love had been denied.
My heart, A cataract of a dying desire.
Take away the pain from the spear which pierced my heart! Again darkness takes over. Drowning in a lake of tears. Screaming for an answer. Only the echo of my grief...
All alone, Captured in my own world. A prisoner of myself.
As a vampire at dawn. Hiding in darkness.
Maybe our paths will cross. Someday...
I awaut... Until then I wish to remain a friend.
Until then...

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