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In Quest Of...


They had gathered on a secret place.
To unveil the passion of their forbidden desire.
In the twilight of the night.
Becoming one in their dark delight.
"I have searched for you... centuries of my life... Mother of my unborn child... goddess of the night".
In a time of shields and blades. The birth of a nocturnal son. Abandoned. In agony she left him alone...
Walking on his blackened path, in darkness for eternity.
A neverending hunger, feeding on humanity...
With the knowledge of a thousand souls.
A life of deacy... Searching a sign.
From his beloved mother. Beyond the human sight.
Running through the gates of time.
In search for the one who left behind her son.
As an angel in the night. He searched for centuries.
His quest: unfulfilled. This pain he could not bear.
Damnating his immortality.
Searching for a way to end his life of pain.
He took away his life fom the eternity of the night.

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