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I've Chosen


I've chosen: another life. Another world.
A place where I can be myself.
Where I can play the role of my blackende soul.
I'll live again!
"Now leave this body and forsake this world". I, I've made my blood run cold. I searched the path towards my world.
Yet the woman of my life, she did not let me leave her alone. "Electric shocks will bring you back. Next to the side where you belong: next to me". Denial of the failures which I have. Caused by my return. Forever I am chained to this life. Doomed to live my time as a plant. Now I am back mortal. Yet different then before. Now that I've returned in time. Her half of our promise's growing. A meaning no more roams. Suicidal tendencies within her mind. She takes care of me. As a mother for her daughter, a sheep for it's lamb. I'd fall when she'd unleash the chain. As s disease I infect your life. You fear the silence from the other side. Afraid of what may lay beyond the realms. Alone you travel in the dusk of night. And enter the portals to another life. She chose another life. Another world. A place where she can be away. Away from all mu endless misery. I'll die again! "Destruction od time". She, she makes my blood run cold. She unleashed the chain which kept me going. And together we fall into the eternity of time.

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