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New Wave
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  1. Take On Me A-Ha
  2. Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) Breakbot
  3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
  4. Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears For Fears
  5. Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division
  6. Personal Jesus Depeche Mode
  7. Don't You Want Me The Human League
  8. Wrong Depeche Mode
  9. Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode
  10. Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode
  11. Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode
  12. One Way Or Another Blondie
  13. Heart Of Glass Blondie
  14. Take On Me (Acoustic) A-Ha
  15. Menina Veneno Ritchie
  16. Shout Tears For Fears
  17. Crying In The Rain A-Ha
  18. Call Me Blondie
  19. Major Tom (Coming Home) Peter Schilling
  20. True Colors Cyndi Lauper
  21. Time After Time Cyndi Lauper
  22. Somebody Depeche Mode
  23. Maria Blondie
  24. I Ran (So Far Away) A Flock of Seagulls
  25. Bizarre Love Triangle New Order
  26. Strangelove Depeche Mode
  27. Call Me (Spanish Version) Blondie
  28. Precious Depeche Mode
  29. Behind The Wheel Depeche Mode
  30. Send Me An Angel Real Life
  31. True Spandau Ballet
  32. Blue Monday New Order
  33. Woman In Chains Tears For Fears
  34. Atomic Blondie
  35. Stay On These Roads A-Ha
  36. Advice For The Young At Heart Tears For Fears
  37. It's No Good Depeche Mode
  38. Temptation New Order
  39. Rock Lobster The B-52's
  40. 3eme sexe Indochine
  41. Sowing The Seeds Of Love Tears For Fears
  42. Human The Human League
  43. Disorder Joy Division
  44. The Sun Always Shines On Tv A-Ha
  45. I've Been Losing You A-Ha
  46. Terra-Titanic Peter Schilling
  47. Give Me a Reason The Rosebuds
  48. Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode
  49. Through The Barricades Spandau Ballet
  50. Todo Me Recuerda A Ti Sheena Easton
  51. In Every Dream Home a Heartache Roxy Music
  52. Another You (feat. Ruckazoid) Breakbot
  53. Gold Spandau Ballet
  54. More Than This Roxy Music
  55. Canary Bay Indochine
  56. Everything Counts Depeche Mode
  57. Money Changes Everything Cyndi Lauper
  58. Early Morning A-Ha
  59. Age Of Consent New Order
  60. There's Never a Forever Thing A-Ha
  61. Useless Depeche Mode
  62. Home Depeche Mode
  63. You Are The One A-Ha
  64. J'ai Demandé a La Lune Indochine
  65. All Through The Night Cyndi Lauper
  66. Tes Yeux Noirs Indochine
  67. Head Over Heels Tears For Fears
  68. Dreaming Blondie
  69. Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) Cyndi Lauper
  70. Heaven Depeche Mode
  71. The Perfect Kiss New Order
  72. Pale Shelter Tears For Fears
  73. True Faith New Order
  74. The Living Daylights A-Ha
  75. Adolescent Sex Japan
  76. Love Shack The B-52's
  77. In Your Room Depeche Mode
  78. The Tide Is High Blondie
  79. She Bop Cyndi Lauper
  80. The Working Hour Tears For Fears
  81. Break It Down Again Tears For Fears
  82. This Is Our Home A-Ha
  83. Change Of Heart Cyndi Lauper
  84. Hunting High And Low A-Ha
  85. Don't Leave Me This Way Communards
  86. Dream On Depeche Mode
  87. Run The Road Santigold
  88. Regret New Order
  89. She's Lost Control Joy Division
  90. I Drove All Night Cyndi Lauper
  91. Leave Me Alone New Order
  92. Shake The Disease Depeche Mode
  93. Walking In My Shoes Depeche Mode
  94. Transmission Joy Division
  95. Roam The B-52's
  96. L'Aventurier Indochine
  97. Drive The Cars
  98. Meet The Flinstones The B-52's
  99. Private Idaho The B-52's
  100. Where's The Revolution Depeche Mode
  101. Stripped Depeche Mode
  102. Unconditional Love Cyndi Lauper
  103. Dance This Mess Around The B-52's
  104. Never Can Say Goodbye Communards
  105. Surrender Depeche Mode
  106. La Vie Est Belle Indochine
  107. Shadowplay Joy Division
  108. Atmosphere Joy Division
  109. Peek-A-Boo Devo
  110. Good Stuff The B-52's
  111. For Your Eyes Only Sheena Easton
  112. Academic New Order
  113. Baby I'm Yours (feat. Irfane) Breakbot
  114. Hold Me Now The Thompson Twins
  115. I Feel Loved Depeche Mode
  116. The Things You Said Depeche Mode
  117. Singularity New Order
  118. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough Cyndi Lauper
  119. Should Be Higher Depeche Mode
  120. Ceremony New Order
  121. Plastic New Order
  122. I Feel You Depeche Mode
  123. Lifelines A-Ha
  124. The More You Live The More You Love A Flock of Seagulls
  125. Angel Depeche Mode
  126. One Caress Depeche Mode
  127. L'opportuniste Indochine
  128. The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime) Peter Schilling
  129. I Call Your Name A-Ha
  130. Bienvenue chez les nus Indochine
  131. In A Manner Of Speaking Depeche Mode
  132. Mad World Tears For Fears
  133. Space Age Love Song A Flock of Seagulls
  134. Subculture New Order
  135. 3e Sexe Indochine
  136. Round And Round New Order
  137. Restless New Order
  138. Get Right With Me Depeche Mode
  139. Make You Mine Breakbot
  140. When The Body Speaks Depeche Mode
  141. Des Fleurs Pour Salinger Indochine
  142. Tutti Frutti New Order
  143. Love Is The Drug Roxy Music
  144. Freelove Depeche Mode
  145. The Sound Of The Crowd The Human League
  146. Things Can Only Get Better Howard Jones
  147. Going Backwards Depeche Mode
  148. Only When You Leave Spandau Ballet
  149. Transas Ritchie
  150. Barrel Of a Gun Depeche Mode
  151. Suffer Well Depeche Mode
  152. Confusion New Order
  153. 5.8.6 New Order
  154. The Noah Plan Peter Schilling
  155. I'm Not The One The Cars
  156. But Not Tonight Depeche Mode
  157. Sweetest Perfection Depeche Mode
  158. Corrupt Depeche Mode
  159. Love Vigilantes New Order
  160. Crystal New Order
  161. Vanishing Point New Order
  162. Just What I Needed The Cars
  163. A Pain That I'm Used To Depeche Mode
  164. Welcome To My World Depeche Mode
  165. Scoundrel Days A-Ha
  166. Morning Train Sheena Easton
  167. Your Silent Face New Order
  168. Nothing But A Fool New Order
  169. People On The High Line New Order
  170. A Question Of Time Depeche Mode
  171. Superheated New Order
  172. Video Killed The Radio Star Buggles
  173. Heart And Soul Joy Division
  174. The Game New Order
  175. I'll Fly For You Spandau Ballet
  176. Alone Depeche Mode
  177. Unlearn This Hatred New Order
  178. A Break In The Clouds A-Ha
  179. À l'assaut (Des ombres sur l'O) Indochine
  180. Thieves Like Us New Order
  181. Goodnight Lovers Depeche Mode
  182. Ice Machine Depeche Mode
  183. No Promises Icehouse
  184. Atomic Sky Indochine
  185. New Dawn Fades Joy Division
  186. Round & Round New Order
  187. Waiting For The Sirens' Call New Order
  188. If There Is Something Roxy Music
  189. A Vida Tem Dessas Coisas Ritchie
  190. Homme Brazilian Girls
  191. Turn Your Back On Me Kajagoogoo
  192. Krafty New Order
  193. Decades Joy Division
  194. Here To Stay New Order
  195. Me Gustas Cuando Callas Brazilian Girls
  196. Only When I Lose Myself Depeche Mode
  197. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Devo
  198. World New Order
  199. Station 13 Indochine
  200. Cars Gary Numan
  201. The Bandstand A-Ha
  202. World In My Eyes Depeche Mode
  203. Halo Depeche Mode
  204. You'll Never Get Over Me A-Ha
  205. Goodbye Depeche Mode
  206. Route 66 Depeche Mode
  207. Shellshock New Order
  208. The Flintstones The B-52's
  209. City Of Night Berlin Peter Schilling
  210. True Spandau Ballet
  211. Why Can't I Have You The Cars
  212. Blasphemous Rumours Depeche Mode
  213. Judas Depeche Mode
  214. The Traps We Made Mesh
  215. 1963 New Order
  216. Run New Order
  217. Fly On The Windscreen Depeche Mode
  218. Broken Depeche Mode
  219. The Blue Sky A-Ha
  220. Get The Balance Right Depeche Mode
  221. Turn New Order
  222. Goodnight Song Tears For Fears
  223. Cover Me Depeche Mode
  224. Too Shy Kajagoogoo
  225. Dreams Never End New Order
  226. Sex Is In The Heel Cyndi Lauper
  227. Waiting For The Night Depeche Mode
  228. Come Back Depeche Mode
  229. You Could Have Been With Me Sheena Easton
  230. Savoure Le Rouge Indochine
  231. Trois Nuits Par Semaine Indochine
  232. Everything's Gone Green New Order
  233. Elegia New Order
  234. Manhattan Skyline A-Ha
  235. The Village New Order
  236. I'll Stay With You New Order
  237. Electric Blue Icehouse
  238. Vicious Streak New Order
  239. I Told You So New Order
  240. 60 Miles An Hour New Order
  241. Disparate Youth Santigold
  242. So Much Love Depeche Mode
  243. Le Grand Secret Indochine
  244. Love Will Tear Us Apart New Order
  245. Rapture Blondie
  246. Blue Dress Depeche Mode
  247. Nodisco Depeche Mode
  248. Tell Me When The Human League
  249. Kimono Dans L'ambulance Indochine
  250. World In Motion New Order
  251. Procession New Order
  252. We All Stand New Order
  253. Total Eclipse Klaus Nomi
  254. Modern Girl Sheena Easton
  255. Amame Sheena Easton
  256. Love Action (I Believe In Love) The Human League
  257. Isolation New Order
  258. Stray Dog New Order
  259. Love Is Reason A-Ha
  260. We've Got Tonight Sheena Easton
  261. Together In Electric Dreams The Human League
  262. Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost) Peter Schilling
  263. A Question Of Lust Depeche Mode
  264. In Sympathy Depeche Mode
  265. Hey Little Girl Icehouse
  266. The Big Chair Tears For Fears
  267. Rise Public Image Ltd.
  268. Martyr Depeche Mode
  269. Wish You Were Here Tonight Sheena Easton
  270. Everyone Everywhere New Order
  271. Mother Of Pearl Roxy Music
  272. My Secret Garden Depeche Mode
  273. It Doesn't Matter Two Depeche Mode
  274. Mirror Man The Human League
  275. Breaking The Chains The Human League
  276. Rose Song Indochine
  277. Warsaw Joy Division
  278. Paradise New Order
  279. The Blood That Moves The Body A-Ha
  280. Comatose Depeche Mode
  281. Dangerous Depeche Mode
  282. Soothe My Soul Depeche Mode
  283. Salômbo Indochine
  284. A Means To An End Joy Division
  285. Insight Joy Division
  286. The Killing Moon A-Ha
  287. Good Boys Blondie
  288. Higher Love Depeche Mode
  289. Crazy Icehouse
  290. These Days Joy Division
  291. Sister Ray New Order
  292. Transmission New Order
  293. Hellbent New Order
  294. Why (Feat. Ruckazoid) Breakbot
  295. Cold As Stone A-Ha
  296. Big Muff Depeche Mode
  297. Heart Like a Wheel The Human League
  298. Dream Attack New Order
  299. I've Got A Feeling New Order
  300. Another Dawn (feat. Irfane) Breakbot
  301. Cast In Steel A-Ha
  302. Black Celebration Depeche Mode
  303. I Want You Now Depeche Mode
  304. Slow Depeche Mode
  305. Black City Parade Indochine
  306. Sooner Than You Think New Order
  307. Shake It Up New Order
  308. Nothing Depeche Mode
  309. Hole to Feed Depeche Mode
  310. Tenderness General Public
  311. Twenty Four Hours Joy Division
  312. Fine Time New Order
  313. Recoil New Order
  314. Sopra o Vento Ritchie
  315. Funky Town Blondie
  316. You Might Think The Cars
  317. Condemnation Depeche Mode
  318. The Sun And The Rainfall Depeche Mode
  319. Only The Lonely Motels
  320. Sugarcane New Order
  321. Arrested Breakbot
  322. Mother Blondie
  323. People Are People Depeche Mode
  324. My Obsession Icehouse
  325. Un Grand Carnaval Indochine
  326. Dracula's Castle New Order
  327. I Come Home In The Morning Light Cyndi Lauper
  328. Rolling Thunder A-Ha
  329. Dragonfly A-Ha
  330. Insight Depeche Mode
  331. Tora! Tora! Tora! Depeche Mode
  332. Told You So Depeche Mode
  333. Fail Depeche Mode
  334. Being Boiled The Human League
  335. Little Dolls Indochine
  336. State of the Nation New Order
  337. This Time Of Night New Order
  338. California Grass New Order
  339. The BOB (medley) Roxy Music
  340. Heaven is a Secret Spandau Ballet
  341. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) Tears For Fears
  342. Pelo Interfone Ritchie
  343. New Life Depeche Mode
  344. Strut Sheena Easton
  345. Working Overtime New Order
  346. Ultraviolence New Order
  347. Shine Cyndi Lauper
  348. Hope Cyndi Lauper
  349. Metal Gary Numan
  350. I Still Believe Tim Capello
  351. Touchy! A-Ha
  352. Cry Wolf A-Ha
  353. Sunday Girl Blondie
  354. One Man In My Heart The Human League
  355. Seconds The Human League
  356. All The Way New Order
  357. In a Lonely Place New Order
  358. Hey, Now What You Doing? New Order
  359. My First Night Without You Cyndi Lauper
  360. Sister Of Night Depeche Mode
  361. Work Hard Depeche Mode
  362. Always Depeche Mode
  363. Les Tzars Indochine
  364. Morning Night & Day New Order
  365. Ladytron Roxy Music
  366. White Canvas A-Ha
  367. October A-Ha
  368. Let's Go The Cars
  369. Shine Depeche Mode
  370. Black day Depeche Mode
  371. Photographic Depeche Mode
  372. Addiction Depeche Mode
  373. Working In A Coal Mine Devo
  374. I Ran A Flock of Seagulls
  375. Circus of Death The Human League
  376. Turn My Way New Order
  377. Touched By The Hand Of God New Order
  378. Jetstream New Order
  379. Who's Joe? New Order
  380. Same Old Scene Roxy Music
  381. Cold Song Klaus Nomi
  382. Man Without Shadow Breakbot
  383. Once I Had a Love Blondie
  384. Touch And Go The Cars
  385. Whip It Devo
  386. The Story Of a Young Heart A Flock of Seagulls
  387. Loveless New Order
  388. Ruined in a Day New Order
  389. Guilt Is A Useless Emotion New Order
  390. How Many Lies? Spandau Ballet
  391. I Love You But I'm Lost Tears For Fears
  392. A Photograph Of You Depeche Mode
  393. So Cruel Depeche Mode
  394. Carry a Dream Sheena Easton
  395. Spooky New Order
  396. All Day Long New Order
  397. Let's Go New Order
  398. Avalon Roxy Music
  399. Me And My Big Ideas Tears For Fears
  400. Give Me Back My Man The B-52's
  401. Here I Stand And Face The Rain A-Ha
  402. The Swing Of Things A-Ha
  403. All The Planes That Come In On The Quiet A-Ha
  404. Look Good In Blue Blondie
  405. The Hardest Part Blondie
  406. And Then... Depeche Mode
  407. The Dead Of Night Depeche Mode
  408. Clean Depeche Mode
  409. World Full Of Nothing Depeche Mode
  410. Fools Depeche Mode
  411. I Like It Depeche Mode
  412. Happens All The Time Depeche Mode
  413. Never You Done That General Public
  414. Un Ange A Ma Table Indochine
  415. Thea Sonata Indochine
  416. New Song Howard Jones
  417. Murder New Order
  418. Angel Dust New Order
  419. Heart & Soul New Order
  420. Such A Good Thing New Order
  421. Would You Believe? Roxy Music
  422. Round And Round Spandau Ballet
  423. Code Of Love Spandau Ballet
  424. Doctor Doctor The Thompson Twins
  425. Ninguém Sabe O Que Eu Sei Ritchie
  426. Longe com Você Ritchie
  427. Public Image Public Image Ltd.
  428. Hymn To Love Cyndi Lauper
  429. River Deep Mountain High Cyndi Lauper
  430. For a Friend Communards
  431. Let's Find Each Other Tonight Unbekannt
  432. In Return Breakbot
  433. Minor Earth Major Sky A-Ha
  434. Forever Not Yours A-Ha
  435. Så blåser det på jorden A-Ha
  436. Compulsion Depeche Mode
  437. I Want It All Depeche Mode
  438. El Diablo Depeche Mode
  439. All Tomorrows Parties Icehouse
  440. Interzone Joy Division
  441. Beaten And Bruised Mesh
  442. Kill Your Darlings Mesh
  443. 60 Mph New Order
  444. Young Offender New Order
  445. Guilty Partner New Order
  446. As It Is When It Was New Order
  447. Sabotage New Order
  448. Selfish New Order
  449. Send Me An Angel (techno Mix) Real Life
  450. 2HB Roxy Music
  451. She Sells Roxy Music
  452. Dann Schliesst Sich Der Kreis Peter Schilling
  453. (This Is Not A) Love Song Public Image Ltd.
  454. Another Brick In The Wall Cyndi Lauper
  455. Fallen Angel Zed Yago
  456. Five Minutes To Midnight Heaven 17
  457. Legal Tender The B-52's
  458. Summer Moved On A-Ha
  459. Heartbeat City The Cars
  460. Lie To Me Depeche Mode
  461. See You Depeche Mode
  462. John The Revelator Depeche Mode
  463. Say You Love Me A Flock of Seagulls
  464. Close Range New Order
  465. Liar New Order
  466. Behind Closed Doors New Order
  467. Senses New Order
  468. Player In The League New Order
  469. New dawn fades New Order
  470. True to life Roxy Music
  471. Chill In The Night Peter Schilling
  472. Love Is All Spandau Ballet
  473. When You Were Mine Cyndi Lauper
  474. Christmas Conga Cyndi Lauper
  475. I'll Be Your River Cyndi Lauper
  476. La Dolarosa Communards
  477. Juicy Jungle The B-52's
  478. Nightporter Japan
  479. Focker Late Of The Pier
  480. Slender Frame A-Ha
  481. Sunny Mistery A-Ha
  482. Long Time Blondie
  483. Little 15 Depeche Mode
  484. Faster Than Light Depeche Mode
  485. Separate Ways Depeche Mode
  486. The Sun And The Moon And The Stars Depeche Mode
  487. Poison Heart Depeche Mode
  488. The End A Flock of Seagulls
  489. Sky The Human League
  490. Cross The Border Icehouse
  491. dark Indochine
  492. What Is Love? Howard Jones
  493. Rock The Shack New Order
  494. Chemical New Order
  495. Mr. Disco New Order
  496. Broken Promises New Order
  497. Face To Face Real Life
  498. Paint Me Down Spandau Ballet
  499. Watch Me Bleed Tears For Fears
  500. Brian Wilson Said Tears For Fears
  501. Day After Day The Thompson Twins
  502. Bee Charmer Cyndi Lauper
  503. A Christmas Duel (com The Hives) Cyndi Lauper
  504. Evil Savages
  505. Dark Is The Night For All A-Ha
  506. Under The Make-Up A-Ha
  507. Hanging On The Telephone Blondie
  508. Magic The Cars
  509. To Have And To Hold Depeche Mode
  510. Rush Depeche Mode
  511. Shout Depeche Mode
  512. (Keep Feeling) Fascination The Human League
  513. Eletric Blue Icehouse
  514. 7000 Danses Indochine
  515. La Chevauchée Des Champs de Blés Indochine
  516. La guerre est finie Indochine
  517. Everlasting Love Howard Jones
  518. Day Of The Lords Joy Division
  519. The Last One Standing Mesh
  520. Slow Jam New Order
  521. Times Change New Order
  522. Chosen Time New Order
  523. Someone Like You New Order
  524. Virginia Plain Roxy Music
  525. Deatbeat Club The B-52's
  526. Sycamore Leaves A-Ha
  527. I Won't Forget Her A-Ha
  528. Celice A-Ha
  529. Picture This Blondie
  530. X Offender Blondie
  531. Funtime Blondie
  532. Clean-Clean Buggles
  533. Shake It Up The Cars
  534. Sacred Depeche Mode
  535. Nothing's Impossible Depeche Mode
  536. Fragile Tension Depeche Mode
  537. Primitive Notion New Order
  538. Special New Order
  539. Cries And Whispers New Order
  540. Weirdo New Order
  541. Out Of The Blue Roxy Music
  542. Early Bird Cyndi Lauper
  543. There's More to Love Than Boy Meets Girl Communards
  544. Temptation Heaven 17
  545. Quiet Life Japan
  546. Who Be Lovin Me (feat. ILOVEMAKONNEN) Santigold
  547. The Blue Sky A-Ha
  548. The Sun Never Shine That Day A-Ha
  549. The Soft Rains Of April A-Ha
  550. Heaven's Not For Saints A-Ha
  551. The Wake A-Ha
  552. No Exit Blondie
  553. Rush Rush Blondie
  554. Underground Girl Blondie
  555. Too Much Blondie
  556. The Bottom Line Depeche Mode
  557. Leave In Silence Depeche Mode
  558. A Song For Europe Depeche Mode
  559. You Move Depeche Mode
  560. Almost Medieval The Human League
  561. Open Your Heart The Human League
  562. Never Let Me Go The Human League
  563. Ceremony Joy Division
  564. Run Wild New Order
  565. Denial New Order
  566. Sunrise New Order
  567. Truth New Order
  568. If It Takes All Night Roxy Music
  569. The Hurricane Peter Schilling
  570. The Freeze Spandau Ballet
  571. Olhos de Vídeo Tape Ritchie
  572. Nomi Song Klaus Nomi
  573. Quiche Lorraine The B-52's
  574. Pump The B-52's
  575. Communist China Japan
  576. Conheço Teu Jogo Banda Digitais
  577. Jazz Thieves Depeche Mode
  578. Heaven Icehouse
  579. Ladyboy Indochine
  580. Doubts Even Here New Order
  581. The Him New Order
  582. Who Let In The Rain Cyndi Lauper
  583. Heaven Is A Place On Earth Cyndi Lauper
  584. My Name Is Ruin Gary Numan
  585. Killer In The Streets The Raveonettes
  586. Smalltown Boy Communards
  587. Slow Dancin' Dans La Maison Gabin
  588. Burning Flame Vitamin Z
  589. Did Anyone Approach You? A-Ha
  590. Sunday Girl (French Version) Blondie
  591. Good Times Roll The Cars
  592. Death's Door Depeche Mode
  593. Mercy In You Depeche Mode
  594. Miles Away Depeche Mode
  595. The Worst Crime Depeche Mode
  596. Leïla Indochine
  597. Crash Me Indochine
  598. Brutal New Order
  599. Weird Al Yankovic - The Vagina Song New Order
  600. Love Less New Order
  601. Bitters End Roxy Music
  602. Take A Chance With Me Roxy Music
  603. Over You Roxy Music
  604. U.S.A Peter Schilling
  605. God's Mistake Tears For Fears
  606. Give Peace a Chance Cyndi Lauper
  607. Wild Women Don't Get The Blues Cyndi Lauper
  608. Since Yesterday Strawberry Switchblade
  609. Get It Up (feat. M.I.A. & Gorilla Zoe) Santigold
  610. Little Black Heart A-Ha
  611. You Are The Girl The Cars
  612. Master And Servant Depeche Mode
  613. More Than a Party Depeche Mode
  614. The Darkest Star Depeche Mode
  615. In Chains Depeche Mode
  616. Mister B's Ballroom Devo
  617. Miss Paramount Indochine
  618. Dancetaria Indochine
  619. Une Maison Perdue Indochine
  620. Le Message Indochine
  621. Big Apple Kajagoogoo
  622. Remember The Nights Motels
  623. Every Little Counts New Order
  624. Ecstasy New Order
  625. Both Ends Burning Roxy Music
  626. With the Pride Spandau Ballet
  627. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World Tears For Fears
  628. With My Eyes Closed The Raveonettes
  629. The Scarlet Queen Chaostar
  630. Mesopotamia The B-52's
  631. L.E.S. Artistes Santigold
  632. Don't Blame Me (feat. Shenseea) Santigold
  633. This Alone Is Love A-Ha
  634. Will Anything Happen? Blondie
  635. It Doesn't Matter Depeche Mode
  636. Dreaming Of Me Depeche Mode
  637. Dirt Depeche Mode
  638. Introspectre Depeche Mode
  639. Poorman Depeche Mode
  640. Don't Break My Heart Sheena Easton
  641. Louise The Human League
  642. All The Way Icehouse
  643. True Faith (The Morning Sun) New Order
  644. Face Up New Order
  645. Re-Make/Re-Model Roxy Music
  646. (Let's Play) USA Peter Schilling
  647. A Matter Of Time Spandau Ballet
  648. Get That Love The Thompson Twins
  649. What's Going On Cyndi Lauper
  650. I'm Gonna Be Strong Cyndi Lauper
  651. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough Cyndi Lauper
  652. Disenchanted Communards
  653. My Toy Breakbot
  654. Memorial Beach A-Ha
  655. Foot Of The Mountain A-Ha
  656. Objects In The Mirror A-Ha
  657. Rave Blondie
  658. Dizzidence Politik Indochine
  659. Adora Indochine
  660. No One Is To Blame Howard Jones
  661. Total Control Motels
  662. Lordsy New Order
  663. Way Of Life New Order
  664. Tasty Fish New Order
  665. Broken Tears For Fears
  666. Fearless Cyndi Lauper
  667. Echo Cyndi Lauper
  668. Epitaphium Chaostar
  669. This Is My Father's World DoF
  670. The Riot's Gone Santigold
  671. You Wanted More A-Ha
  672. Butterfly, Butterfly A-Ha
  673. Question Of Lust Depeche Mode
  674. Jezebel Depeche Mode
  675. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) A Flock of Seagulls
  676. Never Again (The Dancer) A Flock of Seagulls
  677. Great Southern Land Icehouse
  678. Docteur Love Indochine
  679. Art Fails Motels
  680. ICB New Order
  681. She's Lost Control New Order
  682. Shadowplay New Order
  683. Chance Meeting Roxy Music
  684. Du Bist Das Leben Peter Schilling
  685. Heartbreak Stroll The Raveonettes
  686. You Are My World Communards
  687. Shut Up Savages
  688. Mother Nature Goes to Heaven A-Ha
  689. Angel Eyes Blondie
  690. My Joy Depeche Mode
  691. Spacewalker Depeche Mode
  692. Long Time Lie Depeche Mode
  693. Alice dans la lune Indochine
  694. Waiting For Someone Mesh
  695. He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) Motels
  696. Mesh New Order
  697. Vietnam New Order
  698. Could It Happen To Me? Roxy Music
  699. Like A Hurricane Roxy Music
  700. Fade (Blue Angel) Cyndi Lauper
  701. Not The Love We Dream Of Gary Numan
  702. All I Got Santigold
  703. Soft Rains Of April A-Ha
  704. Peace Depeche Mode
  705. Secret To The End Depeche Mode
  706. Cristal (Glass) Joy Division
  707. Hurt New Order
  708. Kiss Of Death New Order
  709. Getting Away With It New Order
  710. Sea Breezes Roxy Music
  711. My Funky Valentine The Thompson Twins
  712. It's My Party Cyndi Lauper
  713. Breadline Britain Communards
  714. Say Aha Santigold
  715. All It Takes Breakbot
  716. She's Humming a Tune A-Ha
  717. A Rose By Any Name (feat. Beth Ditto) Blondie
  718. Gimme Some Slack The Cars
  719. Dressed In Black Depeche Mode
  720. Damaged People Depeche Mode
  721. Freedom Of Choice Devo
  722. To Anyone Sheena Easton
  723. Il Y a Un Risque Indochine
  724. Anne et moi Indochine
  725. Dead Souls Joy Division
  726. Take The L Out Motels
  727. Lonesome Tonight New Order
  728. Atmosphere New Order
  729. Morning, Night & Day New Order
  730. Whirlwind Roxy Music
  731. Be Free With Your Love Spandau Ballet
  732. Once More Spandau Ballet
  733. Home Public Image Ltd.
  734. Big Bird The B-52's
  735. Just Like You Derriere Le Miroir
  736. Lights Out Santigold
  737. Chasing Shadows Santigold
  738. I Wish I Cared A-Ha
  739. Driftwood A-Ha
  740. The Summers Of Our Youth A-Ha
  741. What There Is A-Ha
  742. Living At The End Of The World A-Ha
  743. Kidnapper Blondie
  744. Follow Me Blondie
  745. Dig Up The Conjo Blondie
  746. Beyond The Limit Blondie
  747. Free To Fall Blondie
  748. Lip Service Blondie
  749. Poet's Problem Blondie
  750. The Fugitive Blondie
  751. I Got You Blondie
  752. Bang a Gong Blondie
  753. Love Doesn't Frighten Me Blondie
  754. A Girl Should Know Better Blondie
  755. Sugar on the Side Blondie
  756. Making Your Mind Up Bucks Fizz
  757. Rainbow Warrior Buggles
  758. A Dream Away The Cars
  759. Go Away The Cars
  760. Maybe Baby The Cars
  761. Victim Of Love The Cars
  762. Coming Back To You Depeche Mode
  763. Edge of America Depeche Mode
  764. Ghost Depeche Mode
  765. Bamboo Bimbo Devo
  766. Gates Of Steel Devo
  767. Planet Earth Devo
  768. Can You Take It? Devo
  769. I Desire Devo
  770. Pink Jazz Trancers Devo
  771. Snowball Devo
  772. Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy Devo
  773. The Big Picture Devo
  774. What We Do Devo
  775. Witch Doctor Devo
  776. Follow My Rainbow Sheena Easton
  777. (She's In Love) With Her Radio Sheena Easton
  778. Hard To Say It's Over Sheena Easton
  779. No One Ever Knows Sheena Easton
  780. Voice On The Radio Sheena Easton
  781. Half a Heart Sheena Easton
  782. Committed A Flock of Seagulls
  783. Rainfall A Flock of Seagulls
  784. Electrics A Flock of Seagulls
  785. Quicksand A Flock of Seagulls
  786. Where's the line? General Public
  787. The Touchables The Human League
  788. Do Or Die The Human League
  789. Men Are Dreamers The Human League
  790. The Sign The Human League
  791. Stay With Me Tonight The Human League
  792. Egomaniac The Human League
  793. Icehouse Icehouse
  794. Baby, You're So Strange Icehouse
  795. Sons Icehouse
  796. Where The River Meets The Sea Icehouse
  797. Too Late Too know Icehouse
  798. Punishment Park Indochine
  799. Juste toi & moi Indochine
  800. Electrastar Indochine
  801. Ce Soir, Le Ciel Indochine
  802. Aujourd'hui je pleure Indochine
  803. June Indochine
  804. Mire-Live Indochine
  805. Ultra S Indochine
  806. I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year) Howard Jones
  807. Someone You Need (Duet With Duncan Sheik) Howard Jones
  808. What Can I Say? Howard Jones
  809. Wedding Song Howard Jones
  810. Have You Heard The News? Howard Jones
  811. Show Me Howard Jones
  812. CROSS THAT LINE Howard Jones
  813. Isolation Joy Division
  814. Glass Joy Division
  815. The Kill (1977) Joy Division
  816. Pictures In My Mind Joy Division
  817. Jigsaw Kajagoogoo
  818. On a Plane Kajagoogoo
  819. Something Wrong Mesh
  820. Needle In a Bruise Mesh
  821. Four Walls Mesh
  822. Time Enough Mesh
  823. Before This World Ends Mesh
  824. Burning Blue Real Life
  825. Thrill Me Real Life
  826. Editions Of You Roxy Music
  827. Serenade Roxy Music
  828. Region 804 Peter Schilling
  829. Das Prinzip Mensch Peter Schilling
  830. Nur Wenn Du Suchst Peter Schilling
  831. Lifeline Spandau Ballet
  832. Swept Spandau Ballet
  833. Ideas As Opiates Tears For Fears
  834. Dog's a Best Friend's Dog Tears For Fears
  835. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Tears For Fears
  836. Killing With Kindness Tears For Fears
  837. The Conflict Tears For Fears
  838. Bushbaby The Thompson Twins
  839. Another Fantasy The Thompson Twins
  840. Nothing In Common The Thompson Twins
  841. Storm On The Sea The Thompson Twins
  842. You Killed The Clown The Thompson Twins
  843. Bons Amigos Ritchie
  844. No Olhar Ritchie
  845. Telenotícias Ritchie
  846. Don't Ask Me Public Image Ltd.
  847. Seattle Public Image Ltd.
  848. Tie Me To The Length Of That Public Image Ltd.
  849. Workin' It Out Cyndi Lauper
  850. I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever Cyndi Lauper
  851. Ballad Of Cleo And Joe Cyndi Lauper
  852. My Baby Just Cares For Me Cyndi Lauper
  853. Unabbreviated Love Cyndi Lauper
  854. A Part Hate Cyndi Lauper
  855. Magazine Cover Cyndi Lauper
  856. Steady Cyndi Lauper
  857. Immigrant Song Cyndi Lauper
  858. Set Your Heart Cyndi Lauper
  859. Pee Wees Playhouse Cyndi Lauper
  860. Take Me Out To The Ballgame Cyndi Lauper
  861. If you go away (tadução) Cyndi Lauper
  862. Rollin' and Tumblin' Cyndi Lauper
  863. Another Brick In The Wall Part II Cyndi Lauper
  864. Makin' Whoopee (featuring Tony Bennett) Cyndi Lauper
  865. The End Of The World Cyndi Lauper
  866. Rip Gary Numan
  867. A Dream Of Siam Gary Numan
  868. Boys Like Me Gary Numan
  869. Creatures Gary Numan
  870. Everyday I Die Gary Numan
  871. Here Am I Gary Numan
  872. Ice Gary Numan
  873. Mean Street Gary Numan
  874. No More Lies Gary Numan
  875. Remember I Was Vapour Gary Numan
  876. Sister Surprise Gary Numan
  877. The Dream Police Gary Numan
  878. This Is Love Gary Numan
  879. War Songs Gary Numan
  880. Your Fascination Gary Numan
  881. Dominion Day Gary Numan
  882. Take Me Away Pink Slip
  883. Meu Mundo Pink Slip
  884. Abra Ai Pink Slip
  885. La Territoire Brazilian Girls
  886. Ricardo Brazilian Girls
  887. The Heavens The Raveonettes
  888. My Tornado The Raveonettes
  889. Wanna Dance The Raveonettes
  890. Suicide The Raveonettes
  891. Black/White The Raveonettes
  892. Kill! The Raveonettes
  893. Black Bone Song Zed Yago
  894. Rebellen Ihrer Majestat Zed Yago
  895. Lady Of Spring Spell Crystal Castle
  896. Half Of Your Heart Crystal Castle
  897. Try Crystal Castle
  898. The Height Of The Fighting Heaven 17
  899. Don't stop for no-one Heaven 17
  900. Reputation Heaven 17
  901. The Skin I'm In Heaven 17
  902. Simple Man Klaus Nomi
  903. Wave Fred Schneider
  904. Got To Be For Real Pressure Drop
  905. Lucky Seven Chris Squire
  906. Please 2 Meet Unbekannt
  907. Galway Bay Unbekannt
  908. Rain In The City Unbekannt
  909. There Goes My Everything Unbekannt
  910. Baby, Good-bye Gabin
  911. Cut With The Cake Knife Strawberry Switchblade
  912. Secrets Strawberry Switchblade
  913. She's Running 18 Summers
  914. Project Atom Traveller Chaostar
  915. Rex Mundi Chaostar
  916. Modean The B-52's
  917. Breezin' The B-52's
  918. Transmission Japan
  919. Love is Infectious Japan
  920. Methods of Dance Japan
  921. Drunkards Worst Nightmare The Rosebuds
  922. Big Heartbreak The Rosebuds
  923. A Story The Rosebuds
  924. Hold On To This Coat The Rosebuds
  925. Six Cities Supersystem
  926. Death Behind One's Brow Derriere Le Miroir
  927. Lying To You Schuyler Fisk
  928. Tell Your Heart Schuyler Fisk
  929. My Superman Santigold
  930. This Isn't Our Parade Santigold
  931. Banshee Santigold
  932. Leka Paladinos
  933. Heartbeat Late Of The Pier
  934. Everyday I Die Tubeway Army
  935. The Crazies Tubeway Army
  936. Your War Amit Paul
  937. Fantasy Breakbot
  938. INEVITÁVEL ( DEMO ) Banda Digitais
  939. Hit Me Savages
  940. I Need Something New Savages
  941. The Weight Of The Wind A-Ha
  942. Locust A-Ha
  943. White Dwarf A-Ha
  944. Real Meaning A-Ha
  945. You Have Grown Thoughtful Again A-Ha
  946. In The Sun Blondie
  947. Detroit 442 Blondie
  948. Eat To The Beat Blondie
  949. Faces Blondie
  950. Divine Blondie
  951. Bike Boy Blondie
  952. French Kissin' Blondie
  953. Little Metal Drummer Blondie
  954. Pork Chop Blondie
  955. The Jam Was Moving Blondie
  956. Inner City Spillover Blondie
  957. Danceaway Blondie
  958. Sunday Smile Blondie
  959. Amor Fati (No Exit Outtake) Blondie
  960. Backroom Blondie
  961. Prism Blondie
  962. When We Were Young Bucks Fizz
  963. Vermilion Sands Buggles
  964. All Mixed Up The Cars
  965. Got A Lot On My Head The Cars
  966. Misfit Kid The Cars
  967. Wake Me Up The Cars
  968. Any Second Now Depeche Mode
  969. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Depeche Mode
  970. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me Depeche Mode
  971. Into a Darkened Room Depeche Mode
  972. Oh well Depeche Mode
  973. All That's Mine Depeche Mode
  974. Don't Be Cruel Devo
  975. Girl U Want Devo
  976. Secret Agent Man Devo
  977. Catch Me If You Can Devo
  978. I'd Cry If You Died Devo
  979. Pink Pussycat Devo
  980. Soft Things Devo
  981. Sloppy Devo
  982. The Rope Song Devo
  983. Baby Please Baby Devo
  984. What I Must Do Devo
  985. A Letter From Joey Sheena Easton
  986. Hungry Eyes Sheena Easton
  987. No Ordinary Love Sheena Easton
  988. Wanna Give My Love Sheena Easton
  989. The Next Time Sheena Easton
  990. Time Bomb Sheena Easton
  991. Don't Ask Me A Flock of Seagulls
  992. Remember David A Flock of Seagulls
  993. Find The Real A Flock of Seagulls
  994. All I Wanna Do A Flock of Seagulls
  995. A World Of My Own General Public
  996. Punk General Public
  997. I'm Coming Back The Human League
  998. Don't You Know I Want You The Human League
  999. Love me madly The Human League
  1000. Jimmy Dean Icehouse